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Born in Trieste in 1972, he carries out classical studies and graduates in Political Science. He worked as an animator in the tourist villages. In 2003, as a text author, he attended Mogol's CET, since then he has collaborated with various musicians. In 2005 he founded an acoustic trio and wrote numerous unreleased songs, holding concerts and recitals as keyboard player and vocalist; for 7 years she is part of the gospel-spiritual choir Soul Diesis; He participates in the Triestine Song Festival paired with Eleonora Lana. He carries out a brief activity as a trainer in a talent and radio vocalist. He conceived and presented two radio broadcasts: "Valori and Zen" and "Saperessere" at Radio Kaos Italy. He has published about forty books including poetry, prose and non-fiction, as well as writing articles, essays, thoughts... He have presented evenings (including "Balcone in musica" in Nettuno, 2019). He acted in theaters of Trieste, Roma and Palmi, 105 Music Festival stage, Sanremo Rock, Sanremo Talent, Cinecittà World... The self-produced album "Se ascoltassi, If I listened" (2019) is downloadable from all world stores and makes patte of the broader philosophical and educational project which is inspired by the many books published and the spiritual path of the 'author. Since 2020 he has been collaborating with the Star Century agency for which he produces other songs published on Spotify and other stores. It proposes a completely new live with a band composed of 5 elements.

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RDE Radio TV is the logical consequence of the experience gained for about five years as European Radio Broadcasting which brought the voice of Trieste, and beyond, to the medium waves. In a short time RDE was listened to with ever greater consensus throughout the north east of Italy in Emilia Romagna, Marche, Lombardy, Lazio and beyond. Also in Istria, both Slovenian and Croatian, in Dalmatia and throughout the entire Adriatic area. A professional journalistic editorial team that is always on the news and on what is happening around us and continues to produce information at all levels. From local to national news, from international politics to a close attention to what happens in the border realities where people's lives and stories intersect. The attention to the territory, to everyone's needs, makes RDE an authoritative voice and makes it the ideal place to bring initiatives and make them known in a vast area that unites the territories of Central Europe to the Mediterranean context. Not only information but also entertainment programs to cover all interests. Now the project is expanding and embracing digital even more, developing an even more direct contact with its listeners, expanding the audience worldwide if possible thanks to a new comprehensive App full of content to download in the Stores. No longer just one radio station but also the latest arrival Ondaradio 24 which can be listened to from the site and from the App itself which also contains RDE TV and an infinite number of podcasts so as not to miss even a minute of the programming. Immediately a new address to be entered on the web, shorter, simpler and more immediate. A live national television program is in the works on DTT Channel 68 and SKY 5068 (BOM CHANNELL)