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  • Sep 9, 2019
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dr.gam LIVE is available in different lines up: Unplugged Loop Solo or Duo - Electric Trio, Quartet or Quintet Full Band. dr.gam is the acronym derived from Andrea Gamurrini’s name and surname; he is a singer, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and video-maker. He began to study the English language and the piano at the early age of five and by the time he reached the age of ten he had moved onto the classical guitar and was attending the G. Rossini conservatory in Pesaro, Italy. He was soon drawn towards other musical genres, and still only a youngster, he began a series of collaborations with several Italian and international musicians, taking part in many albums and compilations. Thanks mostly to his “dr.gam” project, he then embarks onto the scene of live performances - up to 1700 concerts in all performed for thousands of people, all over Italy, Europe and the U.S. In November 2016, his first album “Another Family" (Lungomare/Jois - UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP), was released as the crowning achievement of his long live music career. An early release in July of the single "dr.gam is in da house", was launched in the UK by KFM radio in Manchester, and entered instantly in the international Spotify music chart. The album receives immediate acclaim from Italian music critics. - "An amazing sound....clear and powerful from the first note, accompanying listeners on a journey to overcome huge stumbling blocks" (Quotidiano Nazionale). - "dr.gam runs circles round a multitude of Italian and foreign musicians, with mastery and, let us say without a doubt, in a class which is rarely found in the current music scene" (Music Map). The 2017 summer tour in Italy and Spain sees the re-issuing of the album "Another Family" in the Iberian peninsula and its release, on July 6th 2018, in all FNAC and El Corté Ingles shops in Spain, Portugal and Andorra. Meanwhile in Italy, Andrea is noticed by one of the top orchestra conductors, Peppe Vessicchio, who wants him as a guest at the close of his national tour “Musica Maestro” at the Concordia Theatre in San Benedetto del Tronto (AP), for which he composes an arrangement for strings for the medley prepared by dr.gam especially for that important occasion, performed together with the “Solisti del Sesto Armonico”. The maestro, in front of a packed audience declares that “dr.gam as a composer, has an innate sense of displacement, which is the ability to surprise the listener, leading to be pleasantly subdued and deeply involved……a quality that is lacking in the vast majority of contemporary music, which on the contrary is predictable, complacent and consequently soon forgotten”. From March 2019 "Another Family" album is distributed worldwide by UNIVERSAL and thanks to dr.gam's participation at ASCAP EXPO in Los Angeles in May 2019, in November of the same year, the CD format of the album will be re-issued and distributed throughout the USA and Canada (Lungomare/Jois/ApplausoUS - UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP/CD Baby)
dr.gam Is In Da House
italian rastaman
the drop and the flame
I think it's for taxes
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Richard Rogers
Richard Rogers 1/2/23 4:31 PM
"Uptempo and punchy with a good top line. Didn't understand a word though."
Reiner Keller
Reiner Keller 9/12/19 1:19 PM
"Great !"
Achim Wierschem
Achim Wierschem 9/9/19 12:21 PM