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Main activity
Music Producer
Main genre
Language skills
Italian   English   French  
Songwriter   Singer Songwriter   Vocalist   Remixer & Studio   Distribution   Management   Audio Engineer   Composer   Record Label   Artist   Recording Studio   lyricist  
Rap   R&B   Rock   Instrumental   Funk   Alternative   Hip-Hop   House   Experimental   Indie  

Personal profile

Passionate about music and technology, my career path is divided between technical and creative aspects. Over the years I have acquired skills as a composer, musician and sound engineer. I have collaborated with musicians, recording studios, record labels and various companies related to the musical world. I have worked in the corporate and retail field, carrying out projects alone or working in large teams even for catering companies, focusing intensively on problem-solving, team building, customer care and complex event management. These experiences have allowed me to develop a flexible working method that allows me to follow the clients / partners step by step in all the development phases of the projects that together we decide to follow. Musical creativity as producer / composer / arranger Excellent knowledge of audio technologies for music production Knowledge of electronic and acoustic equipment Strong sense of time, rhythm and intonation Natural predisposition to the initiative Excellent communication skills Strong sense of organization

Company profile

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