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He was born in Bologna in December 1965 and immediately showed particular passion for the world of music. Already from the first years of elementary school he decides as a prize for his school achievements the records of Italian singers. Accumulating over time a nice collection offers to the parties of friends to change 45 laps in the CD player until one of these parties is noticed by the owner of a well-known nightclub disco in the city of Bologna, the Antares, where he is regularly hired as an aspirant Disk Jockey. He is entrusted with Saturday afternoon for young age and immediately proves to be skilled in that role by creating the first parties for young people in the afternoons of 1982. He attends phenomena such as break dance, of which he organizes various contests hosting American performers. Hence the beginning of a long series of opportunities that he always made the most of. It also faces the world of radio where in those years it always collaborates with several local private radios and to name one perhaps the most Central Network that sees alternating with DJ microphones of the caliber of Vasco Rossi, Red Ronnie, Maurizio Solieri and many others who will then become of the characters of National caliber. Very young he dedicates heart and soul to this passion enriching his preparation with a long love for the classical guitar which undoubtedly makes his musical sense even more pronounced. After an essay that concludes this very important experience, he rededicates himself even more decisively to this passion by attending a course for Disk Jockey created by Claudio Cecchetto obtaining excellent awards. After having worked in all the clubs in Bologna, he goes further and through friendships with Radio Deejay reaches Lorenzo Cherubini a Jovanotti really just 'discovered'. He entered a contest for DeeJay at the AquaFan in Riccione (the Walky Cup Competion) a very painful experience as he was defeated by the then unknown Giorgio Prezioso who would later become a master in the art of mixing. Not at all discouraged, he began his National career in the 90s, passing through the best clubs in Italy. From the Byblo's of Riccione (inventing a musical genre that had not yet been heard in such important places on the Riviera) to the Tutti Frutti of Milan, from Sardinia to Bolzano. Primate parties in the home of famous people and various wealthy entrepreneurs make his preparation truly 360 degrees. At the same time, he developed a passion for IT by developing the first Italian portal for downloading music. Experience shared by Infostrada at the time that after several legal problems that at the time could not be foreseen, decided after the creation of RadioFreccia by Luciano Ligabue, for problems related obviously to Copyright, to suspend this risky experiment. His fascination with the world of television will lead him to take his first steps also in local televisions reaching in 1997 the powerful Match Music which with two weekly programs will consecrate him guru of television informative diffusion. He participates both as a DJ and as a computer communicator in several years of Territory Match Music (summer in Riccione) where he comes into contact with exceptional guests from Giorgio Panariello to Carlo Conti from Moira Orfei to Article 31 from Mietta to Carmen Consoli to name just a few. The greatest success is to be considered the move of Match Music from a local reality to a satellite channel of Telepiù (Sky of the time). Presentation made inside the Arena of Verona which after the Festival bar of the early 90s was no longer granted for musical entertainment. Guests present from Pino Daniele to Valentino Rossi are interviewed by him for his program which in the meantime becomes very well known and acclaimed. Friend of Fabio Volo and Andrea Pellizzari (who later became Iene of the Mediaset program with Simona Ventura), he arrives at Radio Rai as a technology correspondent in the Tipi da Spiaggia program broadcast for three summers. He joined the management of Match Music and started touring Italy bringing a very interactive show with the public together with his friend Fanny. The management then goes to Lele Mora who generates a really important evening flow. Little experience also on Radio DeeJay where he meets a Linus (Artistic Director) not very interested in the Internet product !!!! He merges technology and music by equipping himself with sampling machines and electronic beats that make his musical interventions very interesting. It undoubtedly assists as a protagonist of the best years for music and night clubbin in general. The 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s are undoubtedly the ideal gym to build an important musical culture and a solid reputation as a professional. Resident in several Italian places just to name a few, Papeete Pacifico and Pineta from Milano Marittima, Byblo’s and Pascià from Riccione, Matis from Bologna Tenax and Yab from Florence and host in many others really travels Italy far and wide. Its strength lies in the selection of music. There is no new music or old music only beautiful music exists !!! With the advent of low-cost technology and tired of having to always have responsibility for the dance floor, MALARADIO creates a digital web radio where it ONLY broadcasts selected music without any voice or advertising. He obtained an important success and therefore decided that the road to be taken definitively would be, and as it could not have been, the fusion between computer science and music. The creation and management of real music radio stations make his passion and hobby one thing: what he will do when he grows up.

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4941/5000 Limite di caratteri: 5000 Webradio Creation and management of YOUR personalized music channel. What is a web radio? Web radio or online radio is the term that designates radio broadcasters that digitally transmit their programming via the Internet, thus being accessible from any device, therefore computers, cell phones, PDAs. Why have a web radio? One of the characteristics of the virtual communities of the web is that of being global, that is geographically distant, but close as a place of interest. All this, compared to a web radio, translates into a globalization of the place of usability of the radio (i.e. a device connected to the web in any part of Italy and the world) and a strong localization of the listener. Technically, the music is transmitted by a server (comparable in this case to a terrestrial repeater), with the possibility of live or delayed transmissions While generalist media, such as radio and television, cannot individualize content, new communication technologies, such as the Internet, allow the construction of user-friendly schedules and above all selected and well-defined advertising campaigns for product launches aimed at well-targeted targets. specific According to surveys carried out in 2013, there are over 200 active WEB broadcasters in Italy, with a public variation between 8,000 and 150,000 listeners (excluding the web radios of the best-known broadcasters in FM) Easy to create a web radio? With the necessary skills it is relatively easy to create an amateur web radio. Diverse, and decidedly complex, it is manage a professional online radio, maintaining the constancy of the signal, the quality levels of the transmission and a choice musical level, suitable to enhance and convey the desired message that you want to globalize and its contents. 12 good reasons to use web radio as a communication tool: to customize communication without territorial limits with a click, maintaining a constant identity everywhere it is not linked to the place or the action, but accompanies the customer everywhere, recording with their message in any condition, at any time of the day, whatever the listener is doing because it has a potential of 40,000 songs listening vs. the 2000s of a Radio in Store because it can pass the same communication anywhere and at any time, therefore it is the dedicated and elective tool for the dissemination of the Company Brand Identity through the so-called "hot" communication of an auditory nature, which acts on the emotional limbic sphere, impressing a precise and constant of the message through the auditory instrument takes the company out of the walls of the structure, allows its recognition and distinguishes it for modernity wraps and therefore, studied the right schedule at certain times, possibly broadcasted in wire, is an aggregating and motivating tool, also for the staff it is an investment, the return of which can be guaranteed in terms of advertising revenue or savings on the same. It can be used for the communication of sales / sales / promotions for both direct and indirect shops / commercial exchanges / supply and sale of products or related activities. Allows and characterizes the production and sale of CDs and gadgets (business card format with music key) is a tool that guarantees high levels of communication characterization, which reaches deep into the emotional sphere thanks to the strong evocative power of the radio the transmissionʼ listeninginstreamingmonitorableguarantees a very high quality, at the level of a cd the programming of the highly customizable program schedule by monitoring the audience in terms of quality / quantity and location, so as to transmit the most appealing and appreciated music to the audience type, giving the greatest possible effectiveness to the commercial message in terms of listening / reaction / spread through the use of highly sophisticated software it allows to obtain specific and detailed listening statistics is an interactive tool with all social networks Why choose MALARADIO? We are listening and communication professionals, competent and prepared to identify and provide cutting-edge and highly personalized tools, to achieve their corporate and personal objectives 1309/5000 Limite di caratteri: 5000 Why choose MALARADIO? We are listening and communication professionals, competent and prepared to identify and provide cutting-edge and highly personalized tools, to achieve their corporate and personal objectives our Mission is to provide services and products starting from the customer's need, at the highest level of customization while respecting each person's identity. We do not promote a web radio, but we build YOUR web radio, customized, identifiable, original and exclusive we have chosen to provide the service at the highest levels of audio quality, ensuring unique levels of customization, in constant contact with the DJ who works for you we have chosen to be free, free from any union we use thinking software, which uses a highly customizable reasoning criterion, unique in Italy we provide integrated service for the study of communication and jingles we provide an exclusive in-store event organization service with live DJ with us you can benefit from an exclusive service that can be agreed for live radio or "dedicated time" with the DJ live Because you want to make communication YOUR strength: WEB RADIO "YOUR RADIO TO ACT".