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Marco Sysma

  • Jan 13, 2020
    • Rock
  • Solo artist
Marco Sysma
  • Rock
Type Solo artist
Country Italy
  • English
  • Recording
Hi John, I am happy you have found two dates for me. I am searching for a manager and, maybe, you could be interested to me and my music. As I told you I am Italian, from near Rome. I work but music is always been my passion. My music life bio is simple. I have written more than 200 songs of different genres. I like every kind of music especially rock and I was influenced by a lot of artists. I have played about 100 gigs with my band and as a solo artist. In 2007 I was lucky to find my first and unique manager with my first demo in English. It was Rayner Jesson ( his best client was Nick Cave for 12 years). He believed in some of my songs and in my voice. He helped me to improve my abilities and, during this time, we became friends. Unfortunately after one year he died for an old stomach cancer. I tried to find another manager or label but, with the music crisis, all become very hard. For this reason in 2009 I recorded and produced by myself my first album with Matt Lawrence, as a sound engineer, at The Metropolis Studios in London. I was lucky to find a very special price. I tried to promote my work by myself on internet. It was Myspace time. In two years I got some interesting results but nothing of very special. The good things were: more than 37,000 friends (80% US residents, about 4,500 living in Los Angeles); 19,800 of real plays for one only song; about 13,000 plays for my other songs; about 5,000 comments (95% nice); a friendship request by Taylor Swift in 2009 (at the time I didn't know who was her) and Demi Lovato in 2011 and I was contacted by Mr Gabriel DeLuc, the talent scout of the LA producers Worlds End (they wanted to produce two of my songs for a tv series but, after a month, they decided to work with a local band). The bad things was that I gave my music free . My experience on internet was exciting but after a period of great involvement I have decided to spent my free time more on music. I began to write songs in the perspective of a music producer and I have begun to read books to learn how mixing songs. I have begun to study the structure of my favourite songs, from the simple one to the most complicated ones. I have learnt some skills to record and mix music attending some mixing session of Matt Lawrence (in this period he won a Grammy for mixing Mumford & Sons' Babel), studying how he mix tracks using only digital plugins. I made a good home studio and, in the last two years, I have published (with Cdbaby) two albums of songs and one album of music compositions and, in this period, I am working on another album of 14 songs, all original. I played almost all instruments and I mix and mastered them bymyself. I have sent some of these songs to some radio stations in the USA and UK and I know, finding my name on their published playlists (unfortunately the most of them do not publish their playlists), that some of these stations has put on air my songs. Their favourite is "We've Got The Beat" and, in one case, one of them (WPRB, Princeton) has put on air six different songs of mine. For my music composition I have found some interests by The World Song Network ( a LA music licensing & sync), at the moment one of my track could be inserted on the soundtrack of a Medieval film (the track is Deep Image, I have published it on Spotify with my real name Marco Patrignani). I was out of music business for some years, I did not try to find any labels or managers thinking that it was very hard to find someone really interested to work on new acts in these days. But, something seems changing with music streamers firm like Spotify and I feel to have more creative now that 10 years ago. Please let me know if you could be interested to work with me or if you know a manager that could be interested to my music. You could listen to some of my songs on Spotify. There are three albums of Marco Sysma , the first one "We've Got the Beat" was mixed by Matt Lawrence and the other two by me; and one album of music compositions with my real name Marco Patrignani. Thanks for your interest, Marco
1. We've got The Beat
I Feel Alright
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