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Marie Di La

  • Jun 10, 2022
    • Pop
  • Solo artist
Marie Di La
  • Pop
Type Solo artist
Country France
  • French
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MARIE DI LA is gearing up to release her debut album on March 24, 2023, with a campaign beginning with the release of lead single 'I Know That' on April 29, 2022. The campaign demands a bold visual debut as MARIE DI LA has found a unique sound direction partially informed by Chanson Française, Bossa Nova and Trap genres. The objective is to attract the French public through nostalgia and the collective glory of the past, by creating a feeling of cultural unification and pride suitable for all generations, mixing several musical styles. MARIE DI LA unveils her new single, “Je sais que” which mixes different styles; French song, Bossa Nova and trap, for a result of 3 minutes 19 of “light melancholy on urban rhythms”! This single surprises with its concept of bossa trap, inspired by the French song of a time and with urban influences. This single evokes the departure, the distance while talking about relationship, the path traveled and to be traveled. As many themes as styles mixed. “I know that” is therefore a mixture of colorful feelings from several genres of music. Marie Di la is a Franco-Italian author, composer, performer who stands out with an atypical career. Back from a trip started at the end of his university cycle, a successful project finally sees the light of day. “For my well-being, distance myself from you, otherwise I distance myself from myself”, sings Marie in its title. It is a hymn to freedom. This title lightly recounts the journey of a free woman who draws her destiny on tiptoe, while learning lessons from her past "I know it was better before, even if I know it will never come back like before ". This nod to the past reveals a nostalgic melancholy, particularly through bossa nova chords. This single evokes new beginnings, escapes, romantic relationships, toxic relationships, this need to adapt regularly and to reinvent oneself. Starting from scratch becomes something natural for her, even if destabilizing. Finally this song evokes the dreamy and whimsical part of the artist who advocates this. The journey, in addition to being a source of inspiration, is a constant source of teaching. No need to waste your time waiting for someone or something to change, it is better to take your destiny in your own hands and chart your Route. Marie Di La aims to get back to basics, to music and art. She tells lightly intimate things. Marie proposes a global musical project. She and her team are working hard on the aesthetics and image of her project. MARIE DI LA wants to transmit a cultural echo of Paris at the end of the 1960s, dear to great creators like Pierre Cardin and many of his contemporaries. She works with the stylist Mathilde Fouquet around an image located between the “vintage” 60s and at the same time current. This clip takes us through emblematic places in the capital (his hometown) and oscillates between movement illustrating flight and distance punctuated by nostalgic reflection on the past. Moving in the Paris metro, we go from a twilight stroll on the Alexandre II bridge “Walking with a light heart”, to a stop in a Parisian café. Then, we go from the Louvre under a few drops of rain, to Montmartre. Finally, to close this pretty walk, the rooftops of Paris offer themselves to us in order to take a little height.
Je Sais Que
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"Fantastic artist!"
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