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Reading anyone's 'About' page should be inspiring, or entertaining at least. And in this day and age, where our next door Tom renders himself famous by splattering his insipid salad all over Twitter, screaming ‘This is who I #am’, anyone's 'About' page could efficiently be constricted to a lame Twitter feed. But if that was the story of Alex Rintu, then you wouldn’t be reading further. Alex currently resides in London, close to his artistic inspirations from Eric Clapton to Oasis to uninterrupted broadband from where he discovered more music from that pop star to this YouTube someone. He has travelled and lived in more cities, a variety of cultures, over the past decade than you can count on a hand with six fingers. And that is reflected in his song writing, his choice in musical sensibilities, and the gritty nature of – ‘no nonsense’. Alex Rintu has been playing for over a decade, his own work that catalogues into hundreds of compositions and songs, but has never published any of them after a harrowing stint with the music industry back, where he slept with anger in London, poverty in Mumbai, desperation in Coventry and alienation in Berlin. He was showcased at the Berlin POPKOMM Festival, played at prestigious venues such as the Blue Frog in Mumbai, The Bowery London. Alex Rintu is a singular modern talent, the wiser man of this generation, a damn good guitar player and an even better poet. But he makes sure, not to overpower them with the pop sensibility that he has, to write uncringingly amazing pop tunes. His compositions and arrangements are different, somewhat simple and intelligent. His musical direction is one of the most promising to change the landscape of songwriting in the modern era, a la Radiohead and Coldplay. His guitar playing, obviously rendered from the blues greats such as Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck and Mark Knopfler, has a unique tone, as he fingerpicks into becoming one of most identifiable guitarists of this generation. From handling the guitar with a gentle touch to the wailing guitar outro solo, as in his EP – ‘How Would I Know’, a spaced out ballad about confusion, Alex has got his strings covered. The story of how he stole money to buy his first guitar, and how it got smashed to bits, is another episode altogether. Alex’s lyrics are literally poems that you could mistake for a leaf from a diary or a letter your best friend gives you. Pursuing honesty and a personal connection in a world driven by the 2-dimesion of computer and mobile screens, Alex’s songwriting is as human as it can get. There is a lot more to discover about Alex, and sure an ‘About’ Section is not going to cut that. But he is one of them sure bets that is going to be on stage with Gary Clark Jr., John Mayer or Eric Clapton to be one of the main acts at Crossroads Guitar Festival, but could easily headline Wembley to a thumping crowd. Let's wait and see.

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