India - Past, Present & Future

Thanks A Ton for joining me here guys. Lets start off this group by understanding a bit about the past, present and the future of the music business in India. Please feel FREE to shoot me your questions and I'll answer them.



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International streaming band, 5 Pop/rock songs with Mark Schulman from Pink , sponsor needed !
Jerome Lande
2 2022-3-19 下午5:33   Jürgen Joherl 2021-11-26 上午12:52
Get on our playlist. Global exposures
Asoh Vincentel
1 2021-5-5 下午2:15   Asoh Vincentel 2021-5-5 下午2:15
Seeking #Distribution in #India for my New Album #AFewLifetimesAgo. Usa (ascap)
cole son
1 2019-7-18 下午6:00   cole son 2019-7-18 下午6:00
TaTTu ---
3 2014-4-10 下午1:37   Sudhir Shreedharan 2014-2-22 下午7:40
Reuben Eyes
5 2014-4-10 下午1:44   Sudhir Shreedharan 2013-8-10 下午11:27
Advertise yourself for less than 50cents
Sudhir Shreedharan
1 2012-1-17 上午2:14   Sudhir Shreedharan 2012-1-17 上午2:14
How can International bands enter the LIVE market in India?
Sudhir Shreedharan
5 2012-7-5 上午4:51   Kwesi Selassie 2012-1-14 上午12:55
What kind of music do people in India really like?
Christine Wolf
8 2014-4-10 下午1:46   Sudhir Shreedharan 2011-11-23 下午6:39
Still the world's strongest physical market
Sudhir Shreedharan
14 2012-4-2 上午2:37   Trebor Lloyd 2011-4-6 下午12:32