Title: Still the world's strongest physical market

  1. Wednesday, April 6, 2011 12:32:41 PM
    Sudhir Shreedharan
    Yes that's where we can start this forum out. While all the world's physical markets bleed, India still has a staggering, mouth watering 55% Physical CD's market. This was as last recorded in the year 2010. So for all those artists looking out to sell CD's in a market India still holds a lot of potential. Talk about potential of selling International music in India - With a population of 1.18 billion people of which more than 40% speak English. Add to that the world's fast growing middle class income market. And again add to that the fact that more 70% of our population is in the age span of 25 to 35 yrs. If this isn't enough reason for you to promote yourself in India, then let me give you a good reason why you want to - There are only 3 International labels in India. Universal, SONY, & EMI who have always been doling out only popular English tracks that their western counterparts have signed. So they are essentially not labels but mere distributors for the majors in the West. This leaves India with a huge vacuum and the youth with a starvation for more International music. With an increasing number of television channels and radio channels this starvation is only bound to increase. Gone are the days of the past where Indians used to listen to only BOLLYWOOD. Today the youth of India is crying for all genres of music including Metal, Rock & Electronica. Yes, Surely most popular artists have toured India. Shakira, Beyonce, Bryan Adams, Jon Bon Jovi, Prodigy, etc have been regular visitors to India attracting crowds of thousand that fill up our biggest venues and stadiums. But what about the ones who are not as popular as them. Does India hold promise for them?? How can they step into this market?? For this and more.. Keep following me here.. and feel FREE to shoot your questions...
  2. Saturday, April 23, 2011 3:24:48 PM
    Trebor Lloyd
    Hey Sudhir: The Indian physical CD market sounds very exciting. City Canyons LLC is finishing an album by Peter Ulrich, formerly of Dead Dance which is world fusion/folk. We are considering licensing the album for release by a (perhaps smaller) high quality Indian label, providing the label with the master and art which can be modified to use the imprint of that releasing label. There is absolutely no money upfront to be paid to City Canyons for this. The costs to the label would be manufacturing as many of copies of the album as seemed economically feasible to it. My company, City Canyons LLC, would only share in sales proceeds if and when the label has recovered its manufacturing costs. The division of income after recoupment by the label would be at some rate mutually satisfactory and fair to the parties. Do you think this business model would work in India?
  3. Wednesday, April 27, 2011 11:01:58 AM
    Sudhir Shreedharan
    Hey Trebor, This is the best model that will work in India. All Indian labels would love to understand whether the music will sell first and then commit to figures. Just a suggestion partner with a label who is also into LIVE events. Cos I am sure a some point you want to bring your artists to India for LIVE events. A personal suggestion - Start talking to EMI in India. They are very experimental with content here in India. Do let me know if I can be of any help to you here in India and I'll be glad to help you out.
  4. Sunday, May 1, 2011 3:31:27 PM
    Trebor Lloyd
    Thanks for the helpful advice Sudhir. I look forward to speaking further with you.
  5. Tuesday, May 3, 2011 1:02:04 PM
    Sudhir Shreedharan
    Anytime Trebor!! Feel free to mail me on Sudhir.Shreedharan@music2deal.com
  6. Friday, October 21, 2011 4:54:28 PM
    Young Tibay
    Hi sudhir, great networking group! but i wanted to know if you have any info on consignment retail outlets for small labels to submit there physical albums to get some of there music out over in india market.
  7. Wednesday, October 26, 2011 8:28:35 AM
    Sudhir Shreedharan
    Hey Tibay, Firstly apologies for the delayed response. I have been traveling a lot lately. Let me split your question in 2 parts. 1st - Are there small labels you can work with? 2nd - Are there retail outlets who might be interested in putting up your physical CD's on their shelf? 1st - For sure there are smaller labels here in India but they are very focused on domestic content. They would engage with you only if you can show them that there is a market for them in your country. I would recommend working with EMI Music here in India. They are very experimental and are always open to new projects. 2nd - Several retail outlets all across India. Planet M is the biggest of them all. I would suggest tying up / partnering with a label out here in India and then reaching these outlets. In a year or so once you have learnt the market and understood who are the key distributors then you can decide whether you want to approach them directly or not. Good Luck with your endeavors in India. Let me know if you need any other help !!
  8. Sunday, January 1, 2012 11:12:12 PM
    Sudhir Shreedharan
    Here's wishing everyone A Joyous and a blissful new Year from India !!
  9. Saturday, March 31, 2012 1:57:24 PM
    Corine  Evans
    Hi Sudhir The information that you have provided on India is quite interesting. Can you say what is the market like for Reggae Music in India?
  10. Saturday, March 31, 2012 2:13:29 PM
    Trebor Lloyd
    Hi Sudhir, what's the current status of this group? I understood there were going to be some changes but I haven't heard anything lately. Hope you and yours are well. Trebor Lloyd City Canyons LLC
  11. Sunday, April 1, 2012 11:26:57 PM
    Sudhir Shreedharan
    Hey Corine, When I think about Reggae Music - I think beaches. And I am sure so will everyone in India. With 5000 kms of beache stretches in the South of India the country boasts the longest beaches in the world. That's just a lil geographic info for you. As for Reggae music it has always been popular in India. Bob Marley was huge in India. Then came along Apache Indian with his different style of Reggae. there's a lil beach state in India called Goa which is known for its consumption of reggae music. Put anything there and they will lap it up. So if you are looking out for a tour of India with your reggae artist my advice is start from Goa. They will love you and you will be able to test the market instantly. Type this into google = 'popular reggae artists in India' And you will see the number of Indian reggae artists popping up by the day. That should tell you how much we love reggae music.. All the best.. Let me know if I can be of any more help... :-) - Sudhir
  12. Sunday, April 1, 2012 11:28:21 PM
    Sudhir Shreedharan
    Hey Trebor, I am doing good and so is business. I am not aware of the changes you are talking about but I am sure our software team is working on it hard and you will soon see some changes.
  13. Sunday, April 1, 2012 11:40:20 PM
    Sudhir Shreedharan
    And this collab was done long back but worked really well in those days - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AjMC4axrwE&feature=fvwrel
  14. Monday, April 2, 2012 2:37:49 AM
    Trebor Lloyd
    I'll be happy to look at the youtube feature. I thought a new person, a woman, was going to be figuring prominently in your group. At any rate, it's good to hear from you. We have just finished an album, The Painted Caravan, with Peter Ulrich of Dead Can Dance fame. We are looking for physical distribution in India. We have already had considerable interest in the UK, North America and Germany and will probably be signing one or more distribution deals by summer. Perhaps you'd be interested in receiving a few demos of the album for further distribution to possibly interested parties or, more modestly, sampling a couple of songs that we think might do well in the Indian market. We have already mentioned above our liberal business model and in light of the not entirely expected surge of interest in the album, that model may be an even better deal at this time. We are obviously keen to explore the Indian physical market. Let me know of your ideas on this since we know your expertise in this area is considerable. Thank you very much. Trebor Lloyd P.S. I look forward to viewing the yotube link you sent!