Title: The Midemlab finalists

  1. Monday, May 6, 2019 11:15:00 AM
    Michael Leahy
    Midemlab 2019 finalists are: Big Ear Games (Finland) Endlesss (UK) Jambl (germany) Muzeek (France) Lonofi (France) musical discover and distribution Alissia Music (germany) Banding (Hungary) ClapCharts (France) ClicknClear (UK) Soundtracktor (Danemark) Marketing and data/analysis Legitary (Austria) MusicList (Spain) Musiio (Singapore) Paperchain (US) Wedao (Russia) Hardware / Internet of objects : Joué (France) – Mi.Mu Gloves (UK) MuX (Denmark) Odiho (France) Tunefork (Israel) You'll find links and comments on the Midemblog. I'll be trying ClapChart and Soundtracktor soon. https://www.midem.com/innovation/midemlab/