Title: Midem 2020: the countdown

  1. Wednesday, February 26, 2020 3:42:58 PM
    Michael Leahy
    We're February 2020. So it's time to start thinking about attending - and therefore networking. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them here. It's a small group, but there is a huge amount of accumulated knowledge in the group. Also, if you have anything you'd like to announce, feel fee to pimp it here. We're all in the business of connecting. On my part, I am currently fine-tuning a major MOR project - a genre that is massively underrated by the business. We'll be looking for promoters and labels in that genre by the time Midem comes around. It's a big concept, and I'll drop it here very soon.
  2. Wednesday, February 26, 2020 11:04:23 PM
    Allen Johnston
    Michael I appreciate your enthusiasm and dedication to not only Midem but Music2Deal. As we have for the past 4 years we will have a Music2Deal / Music Specialist dinner on the first night of Midem allowing Music2Deal members to network and meet people they would not normally meet during the course of the event. Plus it gives us ALL a chance to see one another and have an enjoyable time while doing business together..
  3. Thursday, February 27, 2020 11:12:31 AM
    Michael Leahy
    "meet people they would not normally meet during the course of the event" This has always been a bonus at Midem. It enables us to broaden our horizons.