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A collaborative group : "Film music groups : musicicians, singers, duos, trios, choirs, orchestras, composers & conductors" Musicians or singers (choirs or solos) who are ready to form in their towns groups, instrumental groups or instrumentals orchestras and who are ready to learn together during 2, 3 or 4 years before to have a suffisant level to be recorded, composers who write orchestral sheets to begin to be played with various levels, for duos, trios, quartets, quintets, and more, who can get specialized in different styles to be recorded with a suffisant level for a documentary film, a short film, or a film in industry of music for film or industry of music, conductors who are ready to continue working with their musicians on scores written by one or more composers, sometimes using distance sessions or videoconferencing. This group exist with various contacts possibilities of Music2Deal in Europe. All the groups of musicians and composers once created, will be able to interest pre-productions, or post-productions in the world of the music industry or in that of the film music industry. These groups can also share or exchange their experiences, through discussions or discussion topics from their respective training. Julien Boulier from Brest, Brittany, France More details : For example, if a composer who lives in the West and who often writes scores with his Western style, must write the score of a film where the scenes are sometimes filmed in the West and other scenes in North Africa where the subject is principal of the film, the composer can write with his style for the scenes shot in the West, with the choice of a mixture between Western musical instruments and traditional musical instruments or voices coming from the part of North Africa where takes place the main scenes of the film. But when he has to write the score for the scenes that are shot in a particular region of North Africa, he must write with instruments specific to that region of the world, including the traditional uses of this music. The composer must find good musicians who play these music instruments, singers and conductors who know the tradition of this cultural field. And with these groups, dozens of other composers could be played in other places in Europe because they are already in contact on the Music2deal platform to meet musicians more specialized in a specific cultural field or in a regional style, who have already learned to play together and have built a group with good experience to be able to be recorded with a good level and work with a composer who can give good advice sometimes with the help of remote sessions. And it will be possible to perform specific film music even the composer is separated by distance from the musicians. Some cities and studios often offer the possibility of offering remote sessions with groups of musicians, duets, trios and more, rock groups, singers, with the good advice of the composer who is in direct during a Remote session sometimes from the other side of Europe and the essential presence of a conductor who has worked with the group of instrumentalists for 3 or 4 years or sometimes several years. At each of our experiences where we can meet a new artist, composer or musician, artist, we can learn together with our respective experiences and continue to learn in our own fields. I opened this group because one day if musicians, conductors or composers sign a contract for a film, a documentary, a contract in the field of the music industry or in the field of the industry film music, they sometimes need to be played by imusicians who are used to working with a conductor or who wish to find one in their city. Sometimes all that is possible in the city where we live and it is fantastic if the project becomes reality. Sometimes it is possible in remote sessions or in videoconferences because the conductors, composers, singers and musicians do not live in the same city as the composer or in another country and for different reasons cannot come together to prepare the project and carry it out one day. Different projects can become reality for different groups of musicians who have the experience of playing together in the studios of their city and who can be recorded in good conditions for the scores of a composer written to be played with the essential presence of a good conductor.

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