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There is a fire burning (in my soul)

  • Aug 2, 2022
  • Pop
  • English
There is a fire burning (in my soul)
Main info
Genre Pop
Language English
Tempo up-Tempo
  • Groovy
Voice female
Author songwriter (William Kilgannon)
Release date 2022
Release artist Michelle Galas
Song Description
"The fire within my Soul is the longing for the love of a woman ,who will have My heart beating with joy that cant be controlled, and that Love keeps the fire fuelled and burning . Then She takes my breath awayas She accepts my Love. I see in Her eyes that She returns the love and in her glowing face and smile , ,She makes me feel at ease, She tells me that her heart is forever mine. My love then continues to glow." William Kilgannon
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Achim Wierschem
Achim Wierschem 8/31/22 2:29 PM
Reiner Keller
Reiner Keller 8/21/22 2:09 PM
Geradin Foster
Geradin Foster 8/13/22 2:09 AM