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Basil Simon Brief Biog. Basil Simon has been writing music and producing for nearly 30 yrs. His first musical love was Jean Michelle Jarre! He also later paid attention to rock legends like Queen, Marillion, Pink Floyd, Genesis and many more. His vocal ability is rock blues based. He released an album in 1997 called Mindfield and sold over 50 000 copies. During the “naughties” Basil re branded himself as CP BAZzZMAN and was a worldwide hit in the mobile content industry selling music and ringtones through 26 distribution contracts. Basil was the original inspiration of Jambas “DJ Crazy” The crazy frog campaign. Basil then became a recognised classical artist when he composed and produced the Sealand National anthem. Sealand made him a lord for this!!! In 2011 he made it to the last 16 of the overs category in the X Factor but couldn’t continue in the competition due to health issues at that time. Over the yr s Basil Has worked with many notable music people and organisations including: Sky TV BBC ITV2 Talkback Thames Channel 5 Shift Images ARD Germany Snapper records European business awards Peter Kerr Producer (the cream) TJ Davies (D-Ream) Malk walker (Airdrum way) Fainy Roachford Paul Harvey )Then Jerico) Gary Barlow (Take that) Alchemy Management Snapper Records Kelly Rowland Wayward sons Selfish Gene Amelia Lilly Etc…., Mission: Business: To continue to develop the ability to produce music for any market to brief. To stay up to date with current production trends and techniques. To identify opportunities for the launch of new sounds where appropriate. Personal: To do as much good on the planet as is possible through making music. Basil believes that artists have a responsibility to write songs that demonstrate the best knowledge of the writer, and to encourage good and positivity in the world. Basil has had a traumatic human experience but has taken all the learning opportunities this presented and channelled it into his music. He hopes others may find solutions to common human problems by understanding the messages in his lyrical art. His challenges have included child abuse, Violence, Addictions, Eating disorder & illness. Basil is a Philanthropist and believes his greatest achievement through music was the re-housing of a homeless man in 2008 in North London with a record release. (Check BBC news for BAZzZMAN Musical style Basils song writing is prolific and varied. His vocal is blues rock based although he can sing Hip Hop and rap too. His music style is regarded generally as contemporary electronic Rock. He plays the keyboard and mainly writes on a piano. He can also play Harmonica and the Jaw harp!!! Basil believes himself to be a musical philosopher and takes great pride in his lyrical contributions. Testimonials Gary Barlow, Take that ……. “ Basil you have a sensational voice” Marion Massey, manager LuLu 25yrs … “You are such an amazing and positive talent Basil” Olly Murs, UK supertar … ”I really love this guy ….. Good luck basil” Tony Nunn, Agent and manager, The Who, Eat static,Ozric Tentacles,Paul okenfold “I was just returning your call, yeah that sounds like a hit Basil if ever I heard one” Fainy Roachford…… “huge voice” Micheal westerguard producer - the Blessing “ Basil has an incredible voice” Geoff foster AIR studios…… “I believe Basil’s Song ‘Their no friends of mine’ will be a major hit” Richard “Biff” Stannard song writer and producer One Direction,[1] Little Mix,[2] Kylie Minogue, Sophie Ellis-Bextor “ Its really good to hear someone walk in here with something fresh” Peter Kerr Producer the Cream, Bay city rollers “The kids are gonna love this Baz” Paul Harvey Then Jerico “ Baz is a great writer and a pleasure to work with” Esther Rantzen …BBC Legend “ Basil I absolutely love your voice please call my producer at the BBC music department” Vix Box Shift Images “Hows my green smoothie powered musical genius?” Kelly Rowland , International superstar “Basil Has an amazing voice” +”Basil YOU were a banger!” TJ Davis D-ream “ I realy like Basils Vocal” Alan Jacobs EMI “This is the start of something very good” Zock Zock records “ Sign here please” Liberty Radio “ What an exrtraordinary and unusual talent” Minster FM - DJ Chris Marsden “You need to go out and buy Basils record!” Dave Adams “Drystone radio “Basil is an A-List talent for sure” Prince Michael of Sealand “Thanks for the greatest national anthem ever written”

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Jumbojam is music production house and label specialising in selective mainstream global market analysis and product formula.