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Music Producer
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Film/TV   Composer   Songwriter   Remixer & Studio  
Pop   Soul   Soundtrack   Experimental   Indie   House   Unclassifiable   Instrumental   Hip-Hop   R&B   Easy Listening   Rap   Jazz   Funk   Rock  

Personal profile

I am 23 years old currently living in the UK. This year I graduated from University studying Popular Music Production. I've been writing music for 5-6 years, producing/composing for 3-4 years and mixing for 1-2 years. Although I am still at the very beginning of my career with little knowledge in comparison to some, I work on my craft everyday, I make sure I learn something new everyday that can be in someway applied to either my music or the business side of the industry. It is still early in my career for me to feel comfortable calling myself a professional producer and mix engineer, however one day when I have more experience and knowledge, I will honour those titles. In the mean time I'm learning and trying to network/collaborate with like-minded individuals that couldn't imagine any other life than music. I love all genres of music (minus screaming metal :P) however my main passion as a listener is Hip Hop, R&B, Soul/Funk/Jazz & Classcial - scratch that, anything that can bring out emotion I will listen to. Not to reveal my whole life story but my plans for the future are to gain more experience in the industry and to one day own my own production company that includes Music, Film, Photography & Creative Writing. I would love to compose Music for Film, TV & Games as well as write/direct Documentaries & Films.

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