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ABOUT CHI’S MUSIC Chi is a true professional with a few credits under her belt; a business-minded artist with a mission in life! She’s one of the ‘new breed’ within the music industry who seek out their own opportunities to create and commercially exploit their talents. As a singer/songwriter/arranger currently moving into production, Chi’s been writing and collaborating with accredited artists, producers, DJs (including dance/ house re-mixers) and musicians from various musical backgrounds including Grammy award winners; her collaboration credits include: the legendary Bunny Wailer; Glen Ricks (father of singer, Donell Jones and composer/arranger for artistes such as Luther Vandross); the late producer: ‘Fattis’ Burrell (Sinead O’Conor, Sizzler); independent music producer: Steve Brown (Sir Elton John, George Michael); Barry O’Hare (Sean Paul, Damien ‘Junior Gong’ Marley); Clive Hunt (former music director for UB40)l; award-winning DJ Da Truuf (“Philadelphia’s finest”, US); Ray Warleigh (jazz saxophonist) and many others… Many of the tracks Chi’s written to date are commissions and song-write requests from various international producers/studios/artists etc so she had little ‘say’ in the choice of genres/styles/themes of music being recorded at the time. Chi comments: “Although I simply wrote the songs/tracks to order as instructed, I appreciate the opportunities and experiences presented to me so far; it’s been amazing working with some of the best music professionals in business!”

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ALL ABOUT ‘CHI’: SINGER/SONGWRITER/ARRANGER Recently nominated for a National UK Creative award, Chi is working hard to develop and run a ethical creative-industry business comprising of commercial and social enterprise sectors which are interrelated and co-exist in a highly innovative format. Chi also works within the entertainment business sector in PR, promotions, editorial and events.