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Ex-finance Ops, now following my passions, all of them. 'Keep moving forward', one Mantra. A music-lover first & foremost, she guides me. That’s the best way I can put it so I listen, and well. After a career in finance, I’ve transitioned out of that sector in my wonderful world of music and so I’m now following my passions for music in various guises but here & specifically as Music2Deals' UK country Partner ++. In that regard I’m seeking to expand the UK membership, to seek out new strategic partners for collaborations as well as further establish Music2Deal in the firm’s unique space in the music industry. Along with my Arima Events business-partners and industry associates, we are also building-out a live events company with a focus initially on live artists & DJ’s but such events will not be overblown, more intimate & exclusive for the mature music-lover. A brief & very high-level summary right there. I have to be clear that I am NOT a Artist manager or booker so please, do not approach me on such a basis. I do however sometimes perform an advisory and consulting role with specific artists and others in my network but my absolute primary focus is Music2Deal and Arima events respectively. In summary: Myself, Mario (CEO Music2Deal) as well as our global ambassador network are seeking to work with our industry partners as well as site members and professionals to increase the matches of both requirements and offers. We want to see & observe other musical enthusiasts and professionals achieve their aims & ambitions via both use of the Music2Deal's site-tools as well as continuing to be the global connectivity hub on the web for others in the music-industry. In addition, I am seeking to make Music2Deal the ‘go-to’ place for those serious about their careers in the industry. Peace & Music, forever D.E.Pearson Music2Deal UK (Country Partner)

Company profile Arima Events (corporate site pending)