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Dance Electronica
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Film/TV   Songwriter   Artist   Music Producer  

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Chris Medway is a Composer and producer from Devon, UK. He is married to Sharon and has a son Joshua.

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CosmoMoose creates timeless electronic music full of catchy melodies and imaginative themes with dramatic, emotional and playful qualities. CosmoMoose is composer/producer Chris Medway from Devon, UK who has written music in many genres from musical theatre to children's songs and is available to provide an original score for film and media projects. Chris remarks that, rather than being a composer, he often feels like a receiver of music that is already there waiting to be composed. A melody will come into his head (often at inconvenient times!) and if he wants to compose something specific he can instantly dream up a new melody and arrangement with little thought or planning. All the music you hear is then created on a laptop, not only in CM’s studio but sometimes on a train or in a field where Chris enters his own sonic world, the world of CosmoMoose, oblivious to what is going on around him. The main inspiration for Chris’ music is the beauty and splendour of God’s own creation on Earth and way beyond. The main influences for Chris' CosmoMoose music are his musical heroes and electronic pioneers, Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre, plus more contemporary artists such as Sash! and Daft Punk. Therefore, if you enjoy music from these artists, you'll love the music of CosmoMoose.