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After waking up on leeds train station platform then getting the post train ( ha remember them) back to my hometown of scarborough at the age of thirteen after seeing punk band the exploited at a club called branningans and then going to school that morning. The seed was well n truely planted a few years before with the remants of the sex pistols and the clash just about functioning and having such impact as things do at that age eh.Traveling up and down the country going to see bands just seemed the norm and was something special to me n im sure to a lot of other people too.That music was life and life was music!!!!!!! FORWARD TIME -> -> Cockroach began in a garage converted into a studio after funding from the foundation for sports and the arts to run workshops for disadvantaged kids FORWARD TIME -> -> Released and album infestation and a few tracks on various compilation albums and gigs up and down the country & various promotion through magazines clubs radio etc ...... -> the rave scene happned -> influences> crass/ discharge/ ministry/ the clash/ the damned /njoi and shed load of early dance tunes No more lables genre free COCKROACH ..stay free.................

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