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  • Jul 28, 2022
    • Jazz
  • Solo artist
  • Jazz
Type Solo artist
Country Spain
  • Live
Andrés Barrios Navarro is a native of Utrera (Seville). Driven by his Andalusian roots, since he was a child he has been attracted to flamenco and explores the different styles and touches to transport them to the piano with their own personality and a mastery only within the reach of the gifted. He finished his Higher Degree piano studies at the Bonifacio Gil Conservatory in Badajoz, with the prestigious pianist Ángel Sanzo, after obtaining the Professional Degree at the Francisco Guerrero Conservatory, Seville, where he received the Honorary End-of-Grade Prize for Piano. . His official musical studies are classical piano, for which he has received classes from prestigious pianists such as Benedicte Palko, David Kuijken... At his young age (22 years old) he has already played on major stages such as: Teatro Maestranza in Seville, Turina Hall, Essaouira World Music Festival (Morocco), Enrique de la Cuadra Theatre, Nights of the Alcázar, Latidos Flamencos Cycle, Mirajazz Festival, Badajoz Theatre, International Clazzjazz Festival of Madrid, Flamenco and Fado Festival of Badajoz, Festival Vitoria International Jazz Festival and Las Minas Cante Festival where he won the Filón award for "Best Instrumentalist 2018", San Javier International Jazz Festival with public and critical success. On November 22, 2019, through the Factoria Flamenca label, the flamenco division of World Music Factory, he released his first studio album: AL SUR DEL JAZZ. It includes eleven songs composed by Andrés himself and has collaborations as prestigious as those of Arcángel, Rocío Márquez, Sandra Carrasco, Manuel Machado...
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