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Music Producer
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Record Label   Management   Business Services   Music Producer   Publisher   Composer   Songwriter   Artist   Singer Songwriter   Film/TV   Promotion  
Pop   Rock   Dance Electronica   Classical   Soundtrack   Reggae   Soul   House   Rap   Instrumental   Hip-Hop   Metal   Alternative   Punk   Techno   Latin   R&B   Easy Listening   Rock & Roll  

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I am an American, living and working in Germany.

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Hello Everybody! My name is, Clarke Jones and I am an American living & working in Germany. I am also the Owner & Manager of this Independent Record Label and a Music Composer. Before I was born, my mother and Rick James's mother were best of friends in Buffalo, New York (USA). As I grew up, Rick James's mother used to baby-sit me sometimes. So, I got to know the whole family. When Rick James became famous, I was thrown into a Celebrity Lifestyle. I lived with my mother in one of Rick James's houses (Orchard Park, New York). My mother took care of the house and I hung out with the Band, Security, Production Staff, etc... (the parties were fantastic). Everything went great, until Rick James tried to get out of his contract with Motown Records. Everything fell apart and everybody went their separate ways. I joined the U.S. Army and found myself in Germany. That was in1986 and I am still here (That's a very long story). Why I Want To Help People: I want to help Recording Artists & Bands reach their goals because I am also a Recording Artist and I know the difficulties that each and every Recording Artist and Band faces when they are trying to establish a stable career in the music industry without selling their souls to the devil. I also have a Business Management Degree and want to help Film/TV Producers & Companies get the right Soundtracks and film music for their work because that is my passion. Emotions are everything when it comes to selling a product or service and music provides that.