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  • Mar 16, 2023
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Type Band
Country Germany
  • German
We are two indipendent artists from the south of Germany. Genre German Pop & Rock with some influences of other music styles. Artist name: Seßler/Zeeb Kurt Seßler is the composer, lyricist and singer of the songs. Werner Zeeb - as a multiinstrumentalist - played all the instruments We released our first album "Märchen" in March 2022 and our new single "Wenn" in March 2023. We´re interested in promotion for our tracks (Labels, Radio, TV, etc....). More information on our artist website:
Seßler Zeeb_Maerchen
Seßler Zeeb_BeiIhrSein
Seßler Zeeb_Fruehlingsbeginn
Seßler Zeeb_Jazzkeller
Seßler Zeeb_Bahnreise
Seßler Zeeb_SehMalNach
Seßler Zeeb_TanzInDenMai
Seßler Zeeb_KaltesFieber
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Votes and comments

SENZO MAVAYEYA 9/11/23 8:21 AM
"I recently completed a studio work course in college, the lecture always gave us jazz/pop music recorded in a live manner for mixing and mastering, and I finally asked why is it always live music, he said this music is the hardest to mix so your mixing skills will be tested, from that day I developed more respect live music, this sound beautiful"
Jean-Marc Jules 9/9/23 8:05 PM
jürgen zacharias
jürgen zacharias 8/25/23 12:33 PM
"Wäre super, wenn ein professioneller Sänger ans Werk ginge"
Rolando Belli
Rolando Belli 8/19/23 9:44 AM
Koh Cyrus
Koh Cyrus 7/9/23 7:28 PM
"schönes Album, man spürt die große Liebe zur Musik. "Kaltes Fieber" gefällt mir besonders gut, der Gesang hat mich an Rio Reiser erinnert :-)"
TaTTu ---
TaTTu --- 4/22/23 9:41 AM
Rolf Höllrigl
Rolf Höllrigl 4/17/23 9:41 PM
Achim Wierschem
Achim Wierschem 4/17/23 7:34 PM
Georgina Hilton
Georgina Hilton 3/19/23 8:55 PM
"Good selection"
Keiji Goto
Keiji Goto 2/11/23 5:09 PM
NA NA 12/17/22 4:38 PM
"What a fun album, congratulations!"
Reiner Keller
Reiner Keller 12/1/22 1:29 PM