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I am the founder of and a specialist for online marketing and digital transformation, equipped with 15 years of experience in business and corporate communication, ten of them in digital technologies and marketing. I have appropriated a broad expertise in managing and realising online marketing, business development and internationalisation projects. The focus of my work is to analytically break down complex cross-discipline objectives to integrated, sustainable strategies and tactics. Based on reliable, accurate and measurable data I build implementation plans customised to the technological infrastructure and the resources available and keep the specific project, company and market in mind. Having a distinct hands-on mentality, my experience managing and being part of various international and inter-disciplinary teams has shown me that one of the key factors for successful execution is when expertise and team spirit come together. As a Lecturer for online marketing and web controlling I am in regular exchange with eager learners, most of them marketing professionals themselves, that require and demand a balanced overview over industry strategies and potentials while working on the job can sometimes limit us to following the patterns of our own work. Also I am an active musician and songwriter, both with a band and solo, as a live and recording artist. _____ Rene Wetzel, 34 anos, alemão, residindo em Berlin. Sou o fundador da empresa e especialista em marketing online e transformação digital. Possuo 15 anos de experiência em negócios e comunicação corporativa, sendo que 10 destes anos referem-se à tecnologia digital e marketing.

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Online Marketing specialised for the Music Industry: With we are offering digital transformation and digital strategies for promotion, marketing and internationalization: Strategy, Sales, Communication; SEO, SEA, SEM, Email marketing, Websites, Ecommerce, Social Media; Media & Photography, Video, Text & Copy writing; Legal topics in cooperation with Law Firm of Philipp Beck, Berlin. _____ oferece online marketing e transformação digital para a indústria da música e outras empresas B2B e B2C. * Full service em online marketing * Transformação Digital das empresas * Consultoria integral em desenvolvimento digital aplicado a negóccios * Administração interna e externa em recursos para processo de expansão e digitalização de negócios * Web controlling, budgeting e análise de retorno sobre investimento * Consultoria estratégica e técnica em gerenciamento de projetos * Treinamento corporativo específico para cada cliente em tecnologia digital e promoção de mídia * Implementação completa de conteúdo gerenciamento e software para e-commerce