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Music Producer
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German   English  
Songwriter   Vocalist   Composer   Record Label   Recording Studio   lyricist  
Rock   Instrumental  

Personal profile

Stefan Aaron`s passion as a writer is to come up with the right hookline tailored to a unique artist or company brand. As a well booked jingle writer he was forced to perfectionise his ability to come up with memorable hooklines on short notice. With the help of the world-wide pro-network of session musicians, lyricists, sound engineers and mastering studios these ideas are translated into a sound that the corporate client or artist is asking for.

Company profile

C-tracks Records Studio is a state-of-the-art audio recording and music production studio based in Munich/Germany since 2001. Our sole purpose is to meet every audio recording and music production service needs that you might bring to us- from hooky corporate TV or radio- jingles to elaborate music productions for artists. We are eminently poised to handle all your music production and creative audio needs starting from composing, recording, mixing to mastering. To this end, we’ve built up a professional network of writers, lyricists, session musicians and sound engineers from all over the world to meet international standards. Please provide always reference-tracks, that are close to sound, feeling and rhythm of your visioned song/audio-brand or jingle.