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Frank Hofmann

  • Dec 13, 2019
  • male
  • Germany
Frank Hofmann
Artist name Frank Hofmann
Age 63
Height 172
Weight 115
Country Germany
  • Pop
  • German
Vocal education
  • Stage experience
  • gentle
  • Lead vocal
  • Live
Key data for the production of my CD: Vocals: Frank Hofmann Title: ONE DAY 3:21 m Text: Daughter & Father - Sabrina and Frank Hofmann Composer: Ted von PPL Piano: Ted from PPL Backing's Shirin Wolfinger Mix: BLUE MOON Studio, Markus Häderle Recordings @ BLUE MOON Studio Sweet Mastering: BLUE MOON Studio @ mastering Label: Housemaster Records | LC 05699 EAN: 4020796477974 ISRC: DEL211902781 One Day        DEL211902782 Make you feel my Love (Solo Version)        DEL211902783 Make you feel my love (duet version)        DEL211902784 How life plays GEMA: 01552994 I hereby authorize you to send my songs, with the title, ‘’ ONE DAY (will be you day), Make you feel my Love (Solo), Make you feel my love (in a duet) and how life plays. Vocals: Frank Hofmann (solo) and in duet with singer Loredana Title: Make you feel my Love (Cover Song) Text: Bob Dylan Composer: Bob Dylan Vocals: Frank Hofmann Title: How Life Plays Text: Sabrina Hofmann (daughter) Composer: Tommy Saliger Backing's Shirin Wolfinger --------------------------------------- Homepage: https://www.frank-hofmann.com My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/FrankHofmann Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/frank.hofmann.saenger https://www.facebook.com/saenger.frank.hofmann Instergram: https://www.instagram.com/frankhofmann.musiker/ -------------------------------------------------- ---------
One Day Master 23082019
Make you feel my love (Frank Hofmann) Master 18082019
Frank Hofmann - Wie das Leben so spielt (Eigener Song)
Elvis Presley - Always on my Mind (Cover Song) Frank Hofmann
Elvis Presley - Are you lonesome tonight (Cover Song) Frank Hofmann
Roy Black - Geträumt (Cover Song) Frank Hofmann
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