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Born in Tajikistan, raised in Germany, grown in California, Angelika Ullrich has seen many sides of this great earth. She discovered her passion for vocal-expression with a friend on a playground at the age of 13. At 14 she joined her first band, while writing her very first song. She was the first (of this school band) to record her own composed song at age 14. She took up singing lessons and paid appearances in churches & wedding receptions followed. She entered the States at 19 as an Au-pair and recorded her first EP on a PC. Not fully realizing she was going through depression for 3 years it allowed her to reflect upon her darkest emotions. After being rejected from Pop Akademie iin Mannheim she swore she would show them that they missed out on something amazing. She relocated to San Francisco with a ton of sound, lyrics and solitude. After joining the trip-hop project PRETTYHIDEOUS in 2008, which hit the lists on iTunes in 2010 she decided that it was time to fly solo, since personal differences pertained. In 2011 she worked briefly with top producer Joshua Rumor/Invengo Records in LA, while recording a couple of killer demo tracks. 2013 Angelika started collaborating with the fantastic pianist & composer Wendy Loomis. As AWE they made appearances in the Bay Area as well as recorded an album named “Aspiration” that summer. In the spring of 2014 she met the extremely talented & dedicated multi-instrumentalist Blaine Dillinger. Together they formed A.D.360, which was their guitar based acoustic duo, embellishing aery melodies with eclectic layering sounds. AcousticX is an EP, which sprung forth in 2016 from this collaboration. 2015 & 2016 Angelika completed 2 national tours and various smaller west coast tours throughout the US as a background songstress for E.N Young & Imperial Sound. Always involved in musical projects, she will release the Single “Never Sell” under E.N young’s record label RootsMusicianRecords in 2017. Self-release the Ep “ElectronicX” and is working on another Album as well as another Single named “ClassicX”. Since 2018 Angelika is working as a Vocal Coach at a little private Music School in Öhringen, Germany.

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