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award winning sax-player and composer grosskopf found the label.

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(type:g)records was found to be a partner for musicians and bands in releasing their music. We want to work together as a label, publisher and booking and promotion agency backing up the musicians. We represent the team being necessary to spread the sound of great music! (type:g)records is a basis, a platform and a forum for musicians to distribute their work through today’s most effective and useful means. Plus there’s the artist being responsible to do the best she or he is able to, not only in a musical sense. There’s the label (type:g)records, the publisher (type:g)publishing, the booking- and promotion-ageny (type:g)guerrilla and the musician working together as a team! We build a small but powerful unit, working effectively, making fast decisions resulting in cost-saving realization to write, record, distribute, promote and sell music. (type:g)records is not tied to a musical genre. We are a Jazz-label and a Rock-label. We’re releasing Pop and Funk. The only thing being important for us as a label to sign a band is high artistic quality and the musician’s will to do everything and give all she or he’s got for music….plus we have to love their music! The so built (type:g)records’ unit delivers fast and effective reaction towards new distribution-channels and promotion-tools made possible by the internet. A small team is able to offer an efficient and a fair cooperation. We can work out personal contracts for and with the musicians.