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Eleven wild years after his first three album-CDs each of another genre and brand the artist renews his identity with a great comeback. Born in the Bavarian capital Munich, third generation, and motivated by his playful attitude towards life – he follows his principle and rule of thumb “You don’t have to be rich, but independent.” He is the first to claim the title “REGENT of the planet". The image of his personality has been personified. It fits with his decent, rather detached appearance and attitude as well as his shy and introverted sensitive soul. Formal, but heartfelt-politeness includes appropriate respect, which help protect him and his extreme sensitivity. To act sovereign without interference and free of conceit. To fulfil the tasks exemplary at stake. He is simple and open to what life has to offer, and appreciative of his natural gift of a clear mind and in-born talent. He is most comfortable around those he knows and loves and the common man who lives the simple joys of life. The seemingly contradictory variety is actually complementary. The empire is a union of material substances viewed on a metaphysical level as the celestial paradise. The true star in this universe, which provides life for our mystic species. The REGENT is just a representative of mankind’s regency over this planet. We all are regents and liable to care for our subject as we directly depend upon it. Empathy and emotional union with friends, family, loved ones and even strangers is almost incomprehensible - but wonderful. Percieved as natural and real, with smell and taste, which is profane - fulfilled in the human alliance of body and soul. A taste from the sky. Of course he got his own money. The ELF – Easy Love Favour is always worth a kiss. The music reaches from Hard Rock to unpretentious and even ironic Pop with classical elements merging together diverse styles. That is why this Maxi Single is so emotional and colourful, beautiful sounds which lead to more singles and an album. The sophisticated arrangement evolves in unexpected turns and despite modern studio-techniques, even the synthesizers are played by hand and the vocal cords are made of flesh and blood. Sounds like reality. more on childhood and youth: (sorry only german)

Company profile

empyreal is a tiny label, which affords the luxury to act beyond flat quality standards of commercial interests with alive art. Due to solid economical responsibility that means rather humility than haughtiness to reach this aim through true values. We fullfill our projects in cooperation with freelancers. Motivation is the precious feedback of the people with joy and gratitude for the privilege to be able to act on this level. Noblesse obligé.