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"In closing, Burkhard Mahler’s “Fusion White Classics” is an example how music can be a complicated thing. The layering, evolving textures underneath traditional jazz style instrument playing create soundscapes that paint a unique and, at times, wonderful picture of harmony and melody. I am inspired to listen to the 17 other albums by Mahler and look forward to them and future albums with welcomed anticipation. " Zack Kiley/IMD Reviews USA

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Burkhard Mahler has certificates as Communication Administrator BAW (Bayerische Akademie für Werbung) and Graphics Designer from Akademie U5 in Munich. Since about 15 years in Munich he produces and composes music for free and applied areas like Film/TV/Commercial Spots. His instruments are a keyboard, piano, guitar, and of course the PC. Burkhard Mahler is a member of the BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.) in the USA. The spectrum spans from classical music up to Hip-Hop, Rock, Ambient/Lounge, and Electro.