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IZMY a singer and songwriter of Turkish origin born in the 1980s in Germany. She grew up in a sheltered and rather musical family. Her musical talents were obvious As already when she was still a young girl and she was discovered at one of her performances during a kids’ concert at the age of 8. She was extremely passionate about music and dancing as a child, that she spent all of her spare time performing songs by her favorite icon MJ or singing in the school choir. Instead of watching cartoons or series on TV, she would spend hours watching video clips on MTV and Viva. At the age of eleven, IZMY began to write her first song lyrics. Even though she was a very shy and dreamy student, she knew already where to go and how to get there in terms of a career in the entertainment industry. As soon as she finished school, she invested the first money she made in a computer and audio equipment to record and produce her first song ideas and home recorded demos. At the age of 19 she made some exciting experiences as a fashion-model and also worked as a professional dancer. Ever since IZMY has done everything to make her dream come true, working hard at establishing herself in the music business. As a result of this intense and ambitious dedication she has now surrounded herself with professionals of the music industry. But there’s more to it than working hard; you need belief and a bit of luck, too. That’s why IZMY was very happy to be asked to go on a live tour across Europe with superstar Paula Fernandes in 2012. Soon to be recognized as the talented and beautiful singer and songwriter she is, you can now see, hear and download her first single-release: IZMY – Broken Angel

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