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Mindmovie has been playing in various bands. He started out as a guitarist.Today, his main focus is more on the production and composition of all kinds of electronic, pop, rock and film music. Mindmovie is also a member of the progressive rock band Flaming Bess and released 6 albums with them. Tanz der Götter (1979), Verlorene Welt (1981), Fata Morgana (1996), Black Sun (2005), and their latest effort, Wächter des Lichts (2008). Der gefallen Stern (2013) Mindmovie released his first two Solo Record Mindmovie - An Ocean Of Dreams in Jan 2009 Mindmovie - Happiness And Tears (coming Jan 2011) Most recently one of the album tracks has been chosen for the hollywood movie production "Mrs. Washington goes to Smith" with Cybill Shepard. It features the vocals of L.A. recording artist Artie Q. most recent releases Marquette - Human Reparation 2015 Horizontal Ascension 2016 ALL ALBUMS ARE AVAILABLE ON ITUNES

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I am also running my own professional recording Studio offering many different services e.g. mobile recording more details on my homepage