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Georg Löffler, Michèle Claveau

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GLM represents the record company “GLM Music GmbH” and the affiliated publishing company “GLM Musikverlag e.K.”. Both are located in Munich and are managed by Georg Löffler and Michèle Claveau. The artistic focus is thereby mainly on the genres Jazz, World, Instrumental and demanding Pop Music. GLM Music GmbH The GLM Music GmbH is an independent record company with three labels (Fine Music, Edition Collage und Dinnermusic) which published meanwhile more than 100 music productions. Within these publications you can find internationally successful bands and artists like Quadro Nuevo, Lisa Wahlandt, Evelyn Huber, Mulo Francel, Robert Wolf, Helena Luce and many others. GLM Musikverlag e.K. The publishing company was founded in 1988 and provides legal protection and commercial merchandising as well as the administration of tracks (clearings with the collecting society, licensing as sound tracks for movies and so on). Beyond this, advising of music makers, intensive promotion as well as the steady contact to the world of media have been developed to central responsibilities. In addition the music publisher takes care of concerns of affiliated editions and some foreign publishing companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This includes for example RDC Records (France).