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Teheran – Fariba is born and happily raised in a modern Iranian Family. Quite fast it is obvious: Fariba’s got a great voice and the power, she loves to be on stage. She started performing Persian and Indian songs full of passion - following her biggest dream: to become a professional singer! At the age of six, Fariba attended the “School of Arts”, an American School in Teheran, where she jumps with ardent zeal into her first singing lessons. She started dancing and gained her first experience on stage. At that time she encountered western music and is completely thrilled with that fascinating world: She loved the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Nena, Madonna, and Michael Jackson. When western-style music was banned throughout Iran and her American School was closed down, because of the Iranian Revolution, she was in a state of shock. Despite the awkward situation, she managed to hold a secret song contest at her parents‘house, where all the latest U.S. hits had to be performed. But someone betrayed her and Fariba was arrested. After two years in jail, she left Iran with her family towards Germany. Shortly after her arrival she started singing again and a couple of professional musicians took notice of the charismatic singer. Fariba made it to the lead singer of an international cover band and she toured with seven musicians through Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Spain. More and more she began writing and performing her own songs, supported by Tim Peratori, a brilliant German instrumentalist, and then finally she developed her own unique and distinctive style. From her life between different worlds and cultures, she puts in the best of everything and mixes her own fascinating fusion of it: oriental Bollywood sounds, German and English lyrics and a plenty of pop, glamour and the Orient. Fariba celebrates life with all its facets, full of power and emotion – and whoever sees her, will be completely under her spell.

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Not Indian-born, but Persian instead - a beautiful voice full of passion and charm. She is pretty and mysterious, while enchanting a broad audience. And the pick of the bunch: She sings in German, Bollywood-German-Pop, and this is a real one-of-a-kind so far. The lyrics, a composition of Arabian Nights fuse with Indian-style melodies into catchy pop-arrangements. You will be thrilled, no matter if you see her face or hear her voice.