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Sevad, born Steven Davis to parents Claudius & Margaret Davis in Kingston, Jamaica, started singing and dancing at home from a tender age, mostly emulating the legendary singer, Bob Marley. No one at the time realized that Sevad was destined to become a MUSICAL MESSENGER. At the age of seven (7), Sevad entered his first competition, singing for the school choir. Although nothing materialized from this, his motivation for singing was destined to prevail, as he continued to perform for small school functions. Later on, at the age of fourteen (14), during his high school years, Sevad formed a dance group and entered the National Schools’ Festival Competition, representing his school DeCarteret College. Sevad and his dance group went on to win the silver medal at the national finals. Shortly after, he formed another dance group called The N.W.A Dancers. Sevad, playing the role of Road Manager, landed the group on the lineup of every major school concert in his home town of Mandeville. Through this medium, he started to gain popularity as a true entertainer. Soon, the group was being approached by stage show promoters, to perform alongside entertainers such as: The Dancer Bruk Up, Capleton, Luciano, Sizzla Kolungi and many more. After finishing school, Sevad went on a spiritual search which brought him to the Divine Enlightenment of RAS TAFARI. With this enlightenment, he realized his true calling; MUSICAL MESSENGER. Sevad was inspired to use his singing ability to share the message through song to his fellow men. This inspiration lead him to write his first song; ‘IT’S TIME’. Sevad began singing on small sound systems around his home town Mandeville, this experience prepared him for things to come. He wrote many songs after this, but he wanted original rhythms for them. Then, he was introduced to The Step By Step Band, by a friend; he and the band had an immediate chemistry. The band started creating rhythms for the songs Sevad wrote. Finally, Sevad found an outlet for his inspired creativity. Within a few years he became the lead singer for the band, performing with them on many shows across the Island, including Rebel Salute, Teen Splash among others; they even went on tours overseas. Sevad has produced most of his tracks, and have received constant rotation on the radio stations across the Island. He is currently working on his solo debut album ‘IT’S TIME’ with Saxophonist & Producer Dean Fraser, which he hopes to release soon. There is so much to this young singer, but in time the rest will be unfolded.

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Music has the power to unite the world; it is the opium of the people!! SEVAD MUSIC HOUSE PRODUCTION STUDIOS was conceived in the mind of Owner/Artiste Steven ‘SEVAD’ Davis who saw a window of opportunity to not only bring Artistes to the forefront of entertainment but to also add to the deeply rooted House of Reggae Music. This entity focuses not only on working with established artistes but on harnessing and exposing the ART of other unrecognized REAL talents. The business boasts an image of being Authentically Jamaican and welcomes Diversity. What makes us different? It is an entity owned and operated by an artiste who also understands the sacrifice one has to make to pursue a career in music. The business uses the Internet as a tool to advertise its range of services and also to showcase Artistes signed. Given the level of competition that now exists in the Music Industry and the erosion of geographical borders due to technology, we have developed this Website as a way to provide 24/hr access to our target audience and also to foster convenience. The business is run by experienced and dedicated personnel who are committed to providing maximum satisfaction to not only signed artistes through a powerful artiste driven campaign but also to our target audience. Our approach is aimed at capturing a large market segment with our unique Marketing Mix. The business is positioned on the promise of offering Quality Service while at the same time ensuring that artistes get Maximum Exposure. Our ultimate goal is to maximize market share by increasing and maintaining our Artiste Portfolio. We offer such services as Artiste Management, Production, Full Studio Access, Booking Agency & Music Marketing.