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Camp Fire

  • May 24, 2016
  • Metal
  • English
Main info
Genre Metal
Language English
Tempo down-Tempo
  • Ballad
Voice unspecified
Author Steven Stanley Bayes
Release date 2013
Release artist Steven Stanley Bayes
Song Description
This is the song I love the most out of all I have composed and written. This is a rock ballad in Am. The composition uses pure minor chords, Am, Dm and Em and some, possible C and F. This gives a slow and melodic arrangement. The song is incredibly simple and so is the arrangement, yet, I think, the combination of melody and a harder, more metallic attitude makes the song desirable and modern although, one may reminisce, the song resemble the 70's British Hard Rock and Heavy Metal ballads. Unlike some other ballads and songs, this one strongly concentrates on melody as the most important parameter of the song which is what the main feature of most of the songs I write is. The melody is probably more complicated than other rock ballads but is still simple and beautiful. Along with the beautiful melody, however, the song calls for a harder and more metallic arrangement. The sheet music score is fully available on , however, there are many more sheet music score formats on as well as those uploaded onto I have recorded the song and placed on The song is recorded with one guitar and voice only. However, musicians are expected to have extremely high level of imagination and they should be able to imagine how the song would sound with a band or an orchestra. The high level of imagination is necessary when considered I am the one who have sung the song too. : ) Please, note, there are not any copyrights or royalties or anything else to prevent a musician to use this song either as is or changed. Whoever wants may change whatever they want, music, lyrics, arrangement, key, anything. NO MONEY IS REQUIRED TO BE PAID UNLESS THIS IS WANTED BY THE USER. However, changed or not, the user must put the name of the composer as Steven Stanley Bayes and can write their names too as the ones who have contributed to the changes. In case the lyrics are used, changed or not, one must write the lyricist's name as Steven Stanley Bayes and can write their names too as the ones who have contributed to the changes. Obviously, in case new lyrics have been used, then the name of the person who wrote these new lyrics should be written. Please, note, I have sung and played this song in front of many audiences and all of them loved the song and applauded and cheered loudly. The reason for the low score on YouTube and elsewhere is the unknown song, composer, lyricist, performer, etcetera.
Author info
Camp Fire

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Chalam +
Chalam + 6/9/16 4:49 AM
"Warm. Lovely. :)"
Mag Pie
Mag Pie 6/4/16 9:35 PM
Paweł Tomaszewski
Paweł Tomaszewski 5/15/16 2:26 PM
"eXELLENT !!!"