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Education   Music Producer   Artist   Concert Promoter   Singer Songwriter   Composer   Recording Studio  
Jazz   Musical   Jingles   Soundtrack   Hip-Hop   Soul  

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Augusto Filho is an interpreter and composer from Paraense. has 09 Cds recorded, being his last two solo: Case of Love and Soul Amazon. He promotes his musical career promoting Brazilian and foreign composers and composers with the fusion music of Soul Music with Brazilian rhythms, such as: Carimbó, Lundú, Marabaixo, Bossa Nova, Samba, Hip-Hop, Songs, Ballads with a of the Amazonian musicality. Loançara this year of 2109 his 9th album having as main single the song: Turquesa accompanied by professional video clip for the market. Contacts: +559191389229 - Mobile facebook: Augusto Filho

profilo azienda

Publisher and music platform: Ná Music Main platform for the dissemination and placement of the musical works of Augusto Filho