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Talented, creative, spiritualized, energetic, focused and determined musician and entrepreneur with a strong team work and leadership skills Founder and executive leader of the music tech startup Sling Musical, a B2B strategic curation platform of artists, bands and DJs for brand`s community events and live marketing actions. I developed a diversified and sophisticated artistic language working on several independent music groups in São Paulo: Black Buda Namaste, the ancient and sacred world chants reverberating in brazililian popular music as a tool to open the heart and expand the consciousness. Mano Unica, a heterogeneous, creative and talented group studying and exploring the Latin America popular cultures, sounds and rhythms in a groovy and energetic music. Bolero Freak, a group of musicians and artists from different backgrounds experiencing Brazilian popular music and art through creative and provoking shows that combine music, theatre, visual arts and poetry. Beyond all this projects, he has already played on musicals like Malevola, Godspell and Company. Recorded five cd`s and played on several nacional and internacional music festivals like Patriada el Sueñero, Festival Plazero, Yoga Pela Paz and Osheanic Festival in Argentina and Brazil. Finally, he conducts self-knowledge and consciousness expansion retreats through Yoga, Music and Art with Black Buda Namaste in one of the biggest and most developed Ecovillages in the world, Piracanga. An innovator, long term thinker, hard worker and team player focused on his purpose in life to work for a better, fairer and peaceful world through musical, artistic and educational experiences that promotes evolution, transformation, freedom and unity. Through those experiences we can trully see others and our inner self, helping stablish respectfull, meaninfgull and deeper relations for a more harmonious, equal, musical and prosperous world for everyone. Let`s unite and transform the world through music! Love!

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