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Alex dos Santos Araújo (Santoz) is a singer, songwriter and beatmaker born in Rio de Janeiro and raised in the neighborhood of Pavuna suburb north. The artist has influences ranging from the root samba to the black North American music. Former Member of the extinct React Posse rap group which was formed by Jovem Cerebral and Vinicius Terra. the singer has several contributions from the national rap artists, among these are interests in music IMPÉRIO Rapper (Bob X) of Member of the Mixtape Released on 13.5.2015 titled IMPÉRIO BXD, the Flight of the Owl (Dino T-Rex ) and also the vocals of the new disk (Vinicius Terra) that is being produced in partnership with (DJ Machintal), scheduled for launch in the year 2016. Santoz - EP / VOL. 1, 2 and 3 was released in 2015 and travels through many styles of black music like R & B, Funk, Soul and its ramifications, without leaving aside the influence of Brazilian music. The same has partnerships and collaborations with some composers, among these are: Juh Paula, Patricia Costa, Fernanda Andrade, Thauan el Pavuna Glaucia Amorim and Bob X. Disk Production is signed by the Self, as well as much of the compositions EP.

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