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PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE - Owner of the company QUAE - Music distribution, which has a proprietary portal that sells music and develops artistic and digital communications, promotion, and creating Google Adwords campaigns and Social Media integration. - Owner of the company Masterdisc CD pressing, exclusive authorized SONY DADC in the state of Minas Gerais - Brazil, specializing in the production of optical media. - Works as a volunteer technical coordinator and professor in the social project "Studio School of Popular Culture" in the "favela" Morro das Pedras, teaching underprivileged youth for a better life thru music and technology. This project won the Brazilian Award for Creative Economy, granted by Brazilian Ministry of Culture in 2012. - Was a former publishing columnist at "Correio Musical" journal, with two monthly columns "Land of Midi" and "Tech Connections" for over 10 years. - Recorded the CD "4x4 - 14 Bis" by EMI-ODEON in Rio de Janeiro, where he recorded with Guilherme Arantes and Milton Nascimento. - Worked with capturing and editing audio to TV Show "Arrumação" de Saulo Laranjeira, having produced over 50 programs, including the comedy TV show "João Plenário na Praça é Nossa". - Launched the first computerized studio in Belo Horizonte, named "CANAL MIDI", a seed of technological education in Brazil. ACADEMIC EDUCATION - Degree in Multimedia Production at Uni-BH college, major in audio, film and video, visual programming, games and project management. - Studied "International trade and business" at Philadelphia Community College. - Studied classical guitar and vocal technique at "Escola da Fundação Artística" de Belo Horizonte. Musical perception, musical theory and physiology of the voice at the Conservatory of music at UFMG - Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. - Studied Movie script ​​with Sanzio Canfora (Prof. University of Cambridge - England). Course of movie and video with Gabriela Garzon. Course of movie director assistence with Laura Mansur (Quatrilho and Decameron). Course of Documentary Production with Luiz Carlos Lacerda (director of the brazilian classics "Rio 40 graus" and Leila Diniz). - Studied computer music, recording techniques and live capture, mixing and mastering in the United States at Audio Institute of America,

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HOW TO DISTRIBUTE YOUR MUSIC IN BRASIL? We offer great opportunities for the promotion and distribution of foreign companies and artists in Brazil. Labels and artists from all over the world can join the Cast of QUAE and use our platform for distribution and trades with our country. We are a great gateway to Brazil, a country of over 200 million people and the world's seventh largest economy. WE OFFER: 1- ON LINE STORE (proprietary web portal for distribution) QUAE is structured for promote sales and shipping all over Brazil and to many locations in the world. That occurs in a simplified way: direct access to our proprietary integrated platforms, internet websites and social midias.. QUAE is the first digital portal for music from Minas Gerais. In our plataform, you can buy CDs, DVDs, Vinyl or MP3 from hundreds of artists. You can also purchase through our online store ( and in our Facebook store. We offer the confort and convenience of receiving products at home, everywhere in Brazil and in all world. 2- PROMOTION ( Digital Marketing Sector ) QUAE has a Field of activities oriented for promotion of artists and products worldwide. It operates in integrated manner, connecting and synchronizing various social networks in Brazil and World (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Linkedin. Blogger, etc.) We provide a professional approach in these networks, reaching the potential clients and partners. QUAE is also qualified as Official Google Partner (management of campaigns in search engines).