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  • Dec 3, 2019
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TOMASO STORY Debut album "Permanent Sensations" The title of the debut album by Tomaso could hardly be more appropriate. "Permanent sensations" is depicted in soft letters on the cover while a still life of water and sea sand is presented in the background. If you refer to the album title on the previous artistic career of the Austrian singer, songwriter and author, you can not get out of the "tick-set mode" anymore. While many other musicians and artists opt for the jump into the cold "entertainment water" almost overnight, Tomaso approaches his destination in a classic way, step by step. Born in Mistelbach, Lower Austria, Tomaso immerses himself in the world of music at an early age. The piano has a particular effect on him. Via the branch "Rock" Tomaso lands quickly in a world of sound, in which he raves off to whim. In 2016, Tomaso will put everything on a solo card. Meanwhile, enough own material has accumulated to go the step into musical independence. The project Tomaso starts. The tonal bridge between past and present Emotions, thoughts, desires, fantasies: For Tomaso, music functions as a tonal bridge between past and present. What was? What is? And what will? The many experienced "sensations" - no matter if accompanied by sunshine or bad weather fronts - should go out into the wide world. Tomaso christened his style "Poetry Groove": uplifting lyrics that dance to music. You dive into a world in which humor, intelligence and depth are the scepters. Aphorisms and poetry cling to Tomaso's delicate piano playing. In the background WahWah guitars sound. Everything is allowed between rock, pop and chamber music. Mediterranean italo swabs in the title track, a "quake in the night" enveloped by delicate piano runs and violet-shining Arena-Pop: Tomaso presented with his debut album in the luggage far away from deadlocked trends and hypes. No swirling showmanship, no added opulence On his debut album "Permanent Sensations" Tomaso combines detail-oriented arranged singer-songwriting with contemporary entries from the pop, rock and singer / songwriter archives. No swirling showmanship, no added opulence: Tomaso impresses with authentic purity and the feeling for long-lasting sound structures. From the contemplative Mistelbach into the wide world: Tomaso sets off. Step by step. Successful 2018 / Outlook for 2019 If you are a little familiar with the customs in the German-speaking music business, you know that the way into the German Pop-Olymp for an artist from Austria rarely resembles a walk. Tomaso is already presenting the brilliant final stroke under the first chapter of his recently started success story. The jump to the podium at the 36th German Rock and Pop Award 2018 (3rd place in the category "Best Album / German-speaking") certainly marked the culmination of a start-up phase, which for Tomaso and his environment already with the first wing beats of his debut album " Permanent sensations "Big hints. With the successful finale of the year 2018 in the luggage, the journey continues unabated for Tomaso in the new year. The plans for the release of the second studio album are already in full swing. 2018 is history. The lid is on it. Brand new twelve months are coming. Can it be even better for Tomaso? It can. And it will. Because: Everything is already done for the second chapter of his success story. 2019: Lyric Groove NEW - "Ronny has the handshake" Various new song ideas matured at "Bertolini Music" under the direction of producer Hannes Bertolini are already foreshadowing their promising tonal shadows. "Full Pot", "Sea Palace" and "Sexual Focus Love Part 2" are three new productions where you can feel in which musical waters Tomaso now sails. It's the seas ... with big waves, stormy winds and longing for the distance. Together with producer Bertolini, Tomaso reveals his lyric groove - lyrics that lavishly and evocatively beguile, and a world of sound that teases with opulence, driving beats and pomp. "Ronny has the handshake" has started. Tomaso on the net:, Tomaso on Facebook: Contact: mailto:
Sexual Focus Love Part2
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Reiner Keller 12/9/19 9:13 AM
"Gute Songs, Darbietung gelungen !"
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Eric Varnado 12/8/19 10:48 PM
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"Darunter auch 2 besonders sehr schöne Songs"
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"Sounds very good. :)"