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Nate Johnson is a music composer and sound engineer living in California. He has composed hundreds of pieces throughout the years with his works used in commercials, radio, and Internet spots like Harpo Productions of Chicago. Nate has many musical influences and composes in different styles ranging from Classical to Pop, Rock, RnB, and Hip-Hop. He has the ability, experience, and passion for creating great music. Nate also has credits from the Dr. Oz Show, Nate Berkus Show, MTV, and ESPN.

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NMG (Nemostar Music Group) is a start-up record label based in Germany with world wide reach in the new digital music industry. Currently in talks with established German tip-sheet publisher Ellie Weinert of Songs Wanted, NMG is planning exciting projects for the latter half of 2018, including a Songs Wanted rebranding and relaunch, as well as new releases from artists Quentin "Q" Tyvon, Absence of Color (AOC) and more. Stay tuned!!