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Introduction: Since I was a kid, I had a serious affinity for music, and from the age of 15 I started studying composition, songwriting, arrangement, beat-making, and this passion continues to this day. I like to expand my boundaries and skills constantly, both to enrich my aesthetic perceptions and to apply these skills in my compositions to sound professional and unique. Experience: Over the years I have done a lot of projects in a variety of styles and genres (pop, jazz, folklore, rap, hip-hop, funk, rock, metal, fusion, classical music, elctronic music...), I don't have a stylistic preference when it comes to my work. In 2014 I graduated from the National Academy of Music (NMA) "Pancho Vladigerov" majoring in pop and jazz singing. During this time, I continued to improve my skills for composing and musical arrangement. From 2015 till 2018 I have worked as a music (MIDI) programmer for the Danish company "MIDISPOT". I've been working as a free lancersince then . I've won various awards, including international ones. My music has sounded in different media. I have experience in writing music for artists and bands (songwriting), advertising platforms (spots), shows, music for games (videogame music), beat-making, etc. I am a professional - I do my best when I take a working commitment. Part of my musical works can be found in my YouTube and Facebook channels: Kristen X. I have worked with the Bulgarian poet Albena Stefanova, over the project "I have a little secret", in which we produced four children’s songs, a musical equivalent of the annual cycle, released as EP, as each song corresponds to the four seasons of the year. In a short musical form, I have described each of the seasons with the help of musical means. With this project we won several awards, one of each is quite prestigious at the international competition "Srebarna Yantra". The project you can hear on my internet channels - Kristen X. If interested, I could send more of my work through personal coordinates. In 2019 I won the contest "Musicator"- of the Bulgarian head office for composers, where I was awarded for my work. Some of the works in this project can be found in my Enternet Channels - Kristen X.

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Kristen X (Kristian Yachev)