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~ Music for Visuals & other wonders ~ AsWeDream music soars with strong melodies, creative chord progressions, and solid grooves that ignite your spirit. When these essential songwriter/composer elements are present, genre is secondary and flexible. We aim to tap into your heart and soul with original music grown from the 60s/70s golden age of rock and pop. This is music that brims with creative, adventurous exploration, while tastefully blending in many other pre and post influences. Surpassing limits and labels, AsWeDream music continually evolves to embrace new inspiration with eclectic distinction.

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AsWeDream is a father-son production partnership. Dad (Mike) oversees the process with musical vision, songwriting, and guitar. His decades of maestro discipline in pop and rock performance propel the creative production. Son (Jordan) handles all technical aspects of recording and mixing, most drumming, and additional creativity to concoct the optimal end product.