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LIVA is an upcoming young female artist, who, with her music, hope to challenge (and maybe change) the narrative around certain stigmas and taboos throughout society; LIVA wishes to lead you through all the dark corners of the human mind, pushing the boundaries for popular music in the meantime. LIVA played her first concert in 2020 at Nordlyd Festival and has since then been expanding her own limits throughout her writing, waiting for the right momentum to release an album. “LIVA challenges the traditional boundaries of pop music with her filmic productions and unconventional storytelling. With a sound universe inspired by tabus, darkness, and misdeeds, LIVA endeavours to shed light on the forgotten and hidden stories. LIVA’s beautiful, sonorous voice suits the shadowy narrative perfectly. As a young songwriter and soprano, LIVA has always been drawn to the edgy and bizarre recesses of the musical spectre. Her fascination for darkness is particularly evident to listeners in her lyrics revolving around sombre subjects like prostitution, war, and mental illness."

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