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I’m Finn Laus Petersen a songwriter blending Pop, Country, and Pop Rock. Simultaneously, I’m nearing completion of a book exploring the intricacies of human nature, drawing on my expertise in psychological faith. Importantly, it’s a reflection that respects diverse religious perspectives. Moreover, part of the proceeds from my music and my book are to be donated to underprivileged Chilean native children and Youth arise Uganda to fund education and food initiatives. I aspire to captivate global audiences with my music Video, offering unique stories and glimpses into unexplored spiritual realms. Your feedback on my latest creation would mean the world to me.

Perfil de la empresa

Witchpromotion is a league. Member is Finn Laus Petersen and Preben Hougaard Schmidt The drawing is made by Kamilla Birla Guul from Denmark, she is belief in the Norse gods, Witch, Viking, artist, a creative spirit with her hand. and Preben Hougaard Schmidt he is the Shaman, teacher at the school in Billund Denmark. Singer is Ms. Nin Pedersen from Varde Denmark and Søren Them from Holsted Denmark