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  • Jun 7, 2023
    • Rap
  • Solo artist
  • Rap
Type Solo artist
Country Tanzania
  • English
  • Business Services
"It's always good for people to doubt, and it's always good for them to see results," famous words huh? Sharblink tells Apple Music. "Whenever I hear opinions it teaches me not to stop but just be the best of what I’m destined to. Positive or negative, I pour it into the music." After a seven-year wait, My Sin is Pride sees the artist reborn Sharif Mahmoud Mringo do just that. This album demonstrates his personal and artistic maturation since the release of his solo and featured releases, 2016’s Am back. "I know it's time for me to show my growth over the years, Sharblink offers. "I want people to soak it in and understand that I'm living my dreams as an African international artist." Referencing a range of sounds and applying no limitations to his stylistic expressions, rap, trap, pop melodies and Afrobeats. "Music is universal and everybody knows I'm a dream fulfilling man," he says. "It has to be about the sound-then I can fix my flow dialect into it. One thing about me is I'll always blend, so I don't discriminate-I'll pick what I want and add it to my sound." An indie artist coming from a place where all you need for people to understand you is Kiswahili “music is what you feel and what you can give to people with how you can express to the people” it’s never how the message is delivered it’s how the vibrations make you feel.
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Geradin Foster
Geradin Foster 6/27/23 3:26 PM