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Личный профиль

Giuseppe Rizzo is a contemporary music composer and performer. He writes and performs for images (theatre, dance, visual arts, performing arts). He also produces other artists music, working as musician, arranger, sound engineer, music teacher. He has completed three Master degrees, one in Classical Guitar, one in Instrumental Didactics, one in Electronic Music, all achieved with honours at the Conservatory of Music of his hometown, Palermo. In parallel to his classical musical studies, he has developed over the years a strong specific interest in electronic music and its applications in the field of performing arts, especially theatre, dance and cinema. His artistic journey has also led him to acquire technical skills in the field of audio production (composition, arrangement, recording, mixing, mastering). He began a career as a music composer dedicated to the performing arts, as well as music producer and arranger for projects of other musicians. His music has been used for many theatre and contemporary dance shows all over the world. Today he has stable collaborations with writers, directors, choreographers and visual artists, which allow him to investigate with them a common aesthetics and path in the field of performing arts. He has collaborations with the major theatres of his hometown, for the most important artistic foundations of his region and his country (e.g. Biennale di Venezia, Venice). He also had the opportunity to establish collaborations with artists from other countries (e.g. Central Saint Martins, London; Odeon Gallery, Bucharest; MiM Arte Escenico and Centro Cultural del Bosque, Mexico City), who connected him with different musical scenarios.

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