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Gouri, 21 years of age, completed her basic education from a reputed school in Trivandrum, Arya Central School. Throughout her schooling years, she was into music and dance and won accolades for her performances. One notable achievement is her performance in a dance reality show, that was aired on Amrita Channel, a prominent channel in the regional language. As a musician, she started singing at the early age of five. She has since done innumerable stage shows in and around Kerala. She started learning Carnatic music from the age of four. She has also given performances as a Carnatic vocalist. She started taking Hindustani vocal lessons from Mrs. Abratita Banerjee, since 2010. After schooling, she joined Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music, Chennai ( for a one year Diploma course on Western Music, with vocals as her majors. She passed out from the Academy after successfully completing her course and is presently in Mumbai, pursuing music as her vocation and her passion. As a musician, she has been part of several bands, The Q8 Band, The Band Neon being two of them. She has done several live shows as well as TV shows with these bands. As the vocalist with these bands, she did several cover versions and fusion music as well. Gouri has also several songs recorded along with illustrious musicians like Sanjeev Thomas and Alphonse Joseph. She has recorded several Christian devotionals which have been appreciated for the quality of her vocals. She has been trained under several illustrious vocal trainers and singers as well. Her trainers at Swarnabhoomi Academy included names like Sofia Tosello, Jordan Rudess, Farah Siraj, Deanna Witkowski, Karina Colis, Fjoralba Turku, Juancho Herrera, Prasanna, Dr. S Karthick, Magos Herrera and Yunior Terry. She has done a few songs on her own and one of it is on her website Links to several of her performances are here.

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