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Night Owl

  • May 18, 2016
  • Country
  • English
Main info
Genre Country
Language English
Tempo mid-Tempo
  • Happy
Voice male
Author Les M. Brown
Release date 1996
Release artist Les Brown
Song Description
This song will make a good Linedance. Originally recorded in Nashville as a demo.
Author info
I have written many songs while living in Germany, however, never tried to get others to sing any of them. I have also have written a few songs in the German language
Les Brown - Les Brown - 01 - Night Owl

Votes and comments

Asoh Vincentel
Asoh Vincentel 11/11/21 1:32 PM
Marilyn Oakley
Marilyn Oakley 4/28/19 8:02 PM
"Great song."
Ronaldo chagas
Ronaldo chagas 4/22/19 9:35 PM
Achim Wierschem
Achim Wierschem 9/17/18 10:31 AM
Georgina Hilton
Georgina Hilton 9/4/16 11:15 AM
Chalam +
Chalam + 6/17/16 5:19 AM
"It's a lovely song. :)"