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The transience of being Almost all of my creations are an attempt to transfer the uniqueness of a volatile moment onto a medium. Creating and storing music is a complex endeavor. Music is probably the sole discipline of performing arts that extends directly into the 4th dimension. Beats, pulses, meters and rhythms run/pass directly in & through time - this constitutes the the 4th dimension/ axis. My bonding inspirations originate from matching ourselves with these vibrant and powerful moments in life. These inspirations constitute the primary source of motivation. These moments are intrinsically valueless and deeply experienced. To hold these takes over the brain. In the further course of the creation event it processes the components of the many small details@puzzle pieces quasi meditating. And another part of our self puts these intuitively together to a (for other humans comprehensible) entirety. In this stadium of music processing, AI progressively steps into the game, which in the best case accelerates the work flow enormously. The entire composition has to be completed after a sleepless night and is merely nuanced or corrected in detail on the following days - if necessary - this is determined again by the very moment - in fact instants do not recycle - they are ephemeral and inimitable - this directly ties these moments with our human existence. I 💕 it! 😊 Just following life's rhythm and its unremitting motion. Official website: Mindoro Occidental 🏝️

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